ReDiSi - Remote Digital Signage - What is it?

ReDiSi - Remote Digital Signage

ReDiSi is a highly flexible digital signage control solution that allows you to control schedules of slideshows on remote billboards / digital signage hardware. The signage hardware has Internet connectivity via Wi-Fi or GSM networks allowing you to control it remotely using any Internet enabled device within your reach (desktop / laptop / notebook / tablet / mobile phone).

ReDiSi has a very simple pricing structure. £22.50 adds 100 credits to your account. 1 credit is used per billboard per day.
If your account runs out of credit our ReDiSi symbol is shown in a corner, but your billboard continues to work.

You can control all your billboards from the one web login. You can schedule different slideshows to run at different times of the day. A slideshow will automatically loop through it's assigned period. Schedules repeat on a 7 day cycle. You can have multiple digital signage hardware displaying the same message.

ReDiSi is designed to be a configure and forget, robust solution, but one that allows you to control your signage any time you like without the need to physically get to it.

If you want to know more about ReDiSi, or to get a 28 credit free trial, please call 0044 7703 184 699.

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